uneducated witterings

I run/manage/edit/design three blogs.

Run Berlin 2008 blog

Run Berlin 2008

Run Berlin 2008 is my own personal running blog. I am currently in training to run the Berlin marathon in September 2008 and being a web designer I've made a blog to cover my training and all things running. It provides a perfect distraction from all the training I'm supposed to be doing.


Zhoodles food blog


Zhoodles is food blog. Built and inspired by my love for my girlfriend's food. A lot of which I'd never come across before and because of this I felt compelled to document some fo the great tastes and smells I was experiencing in one handy blog. I've just been approached to become a featured blogger on Foodbuzz. Watch this space...


Call of Digital blog

Call Of Digital

Call Of Digital is the collective blog of Poulters Digital. It details the work that we're working on, any wins we've recently achieved and some just general babbling from yours truly and others.