my own personal time pausing machine

Picasso used to say that photographers were frustrated artists. He may have a point. But what does that make a frustrated photographer? I took all these...apart from the one with me in, obviously.

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Leeds City Centre

Leeds City Market More new flats Victoria Quarter Market The Gateway Lone Chimney Perfect Halves Busker on Briggate Leeds Architecture Leeds

NYC 2007

Fast Cab Disecting the towers Eyes of Wall Street Downtown Ellis Island Ceiling The Green Lady Fast Flag The guardians of NYC Grand Central Terminal Central Library Empire State's Nip Empire States Bouncers Glass Times Square TAXI! Sunset on arrival Bridge Skyscrapers in love somewood Central Birds Shanshan showing her warmth Pond giants Central Park Luckiest Guy on the Upper East Side Another important building Guggenheim Museum Guggenheim New York Architecture Ellis Island Word Tree Ellis Island Crede Ellis Island People Graph Gothic NYC Me in the future NYC at night A Dwarf Amongst Giants Empire State Empire Pigeons Empire Needle New York City Gothic NY Protectors of the Needle Whitney Museum Ceiling


Teen parade Queue jumping Cuban dream sky Havanna rush hour Yellow cab CUBA 2003 063 Bull drawn cart Blue 50's style car Plaza de la Revolucion